*LIMITED EDITION* Burn It At Both Ends Vinyl (SIGNED)

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LIMITED EDITION Exclusive D2C Cloud Colored Vinyl 

Burn It At Both Ends LP autographed by Gary and Charlie. Each vinyl is numbered - ONLY 300 AVAILABLE! Get yours before they're gone!

Track List: 

Side A

  1. Burn It At Both Ends
  2. Drunk Tattoo
  3. The Deep End
  4. See You Tomorrow
  5. Nothing Much To Do
  6. After Midnight

Side B

  1. Here Goes Nothing   (feat. Jordan Fletcher)
  2. Wrong Side Of Goodbye
  3. Walk In A Room
  4. Ain't Just The Van   (feat. BJ Barham)
  5. Good Chunk Of Change   (feat. Brent Cobb & Adam Hood)


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